SF9 do the 'Mannequin Challenge' in their practice room!

SF9 are the next idol group to take part in the SNS trend, the 'Mannequin Challenge'!

The boys got situated in different areas of their practice room, and a non-SF9 member (maybe their manager?) also makes an appearance! At the end, SF9 thanked fans with, "Thank you for showing us your love and support for the last 8 weeks while we promoted 'Fanfare' and 'K.O'!"

Did you enjoy SF9's version of the 'Mannequin Challenge'?

Ji Chang Wook says he really wanted Lee Jun Ki's character in 'First Kiss for the Seventh Time'

During the press conference for web drama 'First Kiss for the Seventh Time' on November 22, actor Ji Chang Wook relayed some disappointments about the role he got.

He said, "Honestly, I feel a lot of regret. The role that I most wanted was the character of the church oppa played by Lee Jun Ki. There's something cool about him; he drives around a red sports car and looks cool."

Well, you looked plenty cool in 'The K2'! And you probably still will look really cool in the drama.

How much weight did Lee Sung Kyung gain for 'Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo'?

Model-turned-actress Lee Sung Kyung talked about her weight gain for 'Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo' during an interview with MBC's 'Section TV' the other day.

She plays a weightlifting athlete in the drama, so she said, "I diligently gained weight.  I worked hard to create a healthy image."  According to the production crew, she gained 5 kg (~ 11 lbs)!  

Regarding her co-star Nam Joo Hyuk, she said, "We were so close.  When we were models, we shot a lot of couple pictorials together."

Kim Go Eun talks about Gong Yoo's personality and advice from her boyfriend Shin Ha Kyun

Kim Go Eun attended the press conference for her new tvN drama, 'Goblin,' on November 22, where she talked about her drama partner, Gong Yoo, as well as a romantic partner in real life, Shin Ha Kyun.

Regarding Gong Yoo, she said, "Gong Yoo is like a prankster.  His personality is similar to mine.  Even on set, we cheerfully engage in filming while joking around."

When asked, "What support has Shin Ha Kyun showed?" she replied, "He said that dramas were fights of stamina, so he told me to make sure I take care of my health."

The drama starts on December 2!

Yoochun expresses his desire to be a witness in trial for false sexual assault accusations

JYJ's Yoochun has applied to be a witness at an upcoming trial. The trial is for the person who allegedly falsely accused the singer of sexually assaulting her. 

According to reports, Yoochun submitted his witness application on November 21 for the upcoming November 24 trial, expressing his desire to testify in court. 

If accepted, Yoochun will be traveling through a separate entrance and hallway away from the press; this is to make sure witnesses are protected when testifying in court. 

The legal battle is between Yoochun and four individuals who accused the singer of sexual assault. They have been charged with false accusations as well as blackmailing. The singer, who was investigated by the police, have been cleared of all charges against him previously.

Yoon So Hee and L to also join 'Monarch: Owner of the Mask'?

Yoon So Hee and INFINITE's L might reunite since doing a web drama together! They may reunite on the official small screen!

On November 22, Yoon So Hee was confirmed to join 'Monarch: Owner of the Mask,' which already confirmed as leads Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Hyun.  Her agency, SM C&C, stated, "Yoon So Hee is confirmed to appear in MBC's new drama, 'Monarch: Owner of the Mask.'"

She will be playing Kim Hwa Gun who betrays her household because she loves the crown prince, played by Yoo Seung Ho.  She throws away everything for love.

INFINITE's L is in talks.  His agency, Woollim Entertainment, said, "It's true he received the offer to appear in MBC's new drama, 'Monarch,' but he's not confirmed. He's currently reviewing it."  He received the offer to play Lee Sun, a man of humble birth.  He's a genius, but he's the man of a peasant, so he lives as a useless man.  But he learns how to read and write with the help of Kim So Hyun's character and acts as the double to the prince.

'Elle' shares a lovely cut of 'Romeo and Juliet's Moon Geun Young and Park Jung Min

'Elle' has dropped a cut of stars Moon Geun Young and Park Jung Min from the play 'Romeo and Juliet' on November 22!

The two look romantic and close, dressed comfortably in autumn attire.  In the interview, Moon Geun Young talked about how this was her first play in six years since 'Closer.' She said, "If I cry in the end, I hope I cry from happiness.  I will encroach on that fear while dreaming of that time and once again work hard."

The play will be on from December 9 to January 15.

Sungjae says he fell for this male co-star's sexiness

During the press conference for tvN's 'Goblin' on November 22, Sungjae talked about working with veteran hotties Lee Dong Wook and Gong Yoo.

"It was perfect," he said about their chemistry together.  "I think you could really look forward to it.  We three men have all of the charms from cute to cool to sexy. Personally, I even fell for Lee Dong Wook's sexiness.  I wish you would look forward to it because there's a lot that would make the female viewers excited."

Sold!  Tune in on December 2!

Seventeen drops new album concept photos for performance team!

Seventeen released more concept photos, and this time, it is for the performance team! 

The performance team -- Jun, Dino, Hoshi, and The8 -- look gorgeous in their laid back, casual outfits as they look intrigued by model ships! The boys look relaxed as if they're on a vacation. 

Can't wait to find out what their new music will sound like! Seventeen's new album will be released on December 5, so stay tuned! 

B1A4 drops a track list for their new album, 'Good Timing'!

B1A4 released a full track list for their third album, 'Good Timing.' 

There are 12 songs total with an extra song that is CDs only. Check out the list below!

1. Intro - Time
2. It's a Lie (Title Song)
3. Moment I Fall for You Again
4. Good Timing
5. Nightmare
6. In Dream
7. Sparkling
8. To My Star
9. Melancholy 
10. I Will Find You
11. Drunk on You
12. Together 
13. When It Snows 

'Good Timing' will be released on November 28! Stay tuned! 

Zico teases upcoming collaboration with DEAN and Crush, 'Bermuda Triangle'

Block B's Zico has released another teaser image for his upcoming collaboration track with Crush and DEAN!

The three hip hop and R&B stars have come together for "Bermuda Triangle" as already revealed by Zico. The rapper made the post below on Instagram with the message, "Official teaser D-1," reminding fans that the song is coming soon!

You can expect Zico, Crush, and DEAN's "Bermuda Triangle" on November 28!

Super Junior's Heechul shows his ongoing affection for Sohee

Super Junior's Heechul showed his ongoing affection for former Wonder Girls member Sohee.
On the November 22nd episode of tvN's 'Taxi', Heechul revealed, "Since I have intense double eyelids, I like women with no double eyelids," and mentioned Sohee as his ideal type. Fans know that Heechul has been naming Sohee for years as his ideal type, and it seems he still hasn't changed his mind.

He continued, "I've never met her outside of work. She's just a symbol of an oasis in the life of entertainment."

When host Lee Young Ja asked him how he'd feel if Sohee was dating fellow guest Min Kyung Hoon, Heechul was speechless, making everyone laugh.